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Well Known Bhop Channels


There are few big Channels (ex.: Aimer) but some of them are personal Channels too, they have another Category here.

  • Sourcejump , owned by Tony Montana and partly managed by matter (since 2013)
  • fastehops , owned by ShotgunBFFL (since 2014)
  • BhopUltima , owned by Nairda (since 2006, Bhop since 2015)
  • LPBclanbhops , owned by Saul (since 2013, inactive, but sick runs on it)
  • Spacebar Warriors , owned by Yuka and Toroux (since 2014, wants to be active again)


Other Well Known Channels

These are personal channels, that are known people.

Get In Contact

If you want to get in contact with the Channel owners of the CS:S and CS:GO Channels, here You got their Steam Accounts and the official Steam Groups.

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