Spinach Bagel is a bhopper from Pennsylvania.

He is generally considered a top strafer, but is proficient at longer, skill-based maps as well. He began bhopping around 2012, playing mainly on the world-renowned GMod server Sassilization. Spinach would spend most of his time playing on deathrun/bhop, while occasionally dabbling in climb. Around 2014, almost two years after the downfall of Sassilization, he moved over to Counter-Strike: Source, where bhop was very popular and, arguably, in its prime. Spinach still remains active in the bhop scene to this day.

Spinach is well-known for his runs on SourceJump, where almost all of his uploaded times are considered impossible to beat. He uploads any other of these runs on his personal YouTube channel as well. Some of these runs include:

Spinach is also well known for having a penis size well over quadruple the average male length, thus confirming his status as a Giga Chad.

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