Pcpie is a well known mapper in the community. Pcpie likes to tell people he never bhop's, he only maps. Pcpie has ported a lot of defrag maps.

Mapping career Edit

Early career Edit

Pcpie's first map came out on 8th September 2001, by the name of bhop_skyscrapers. He was promptly arrested for his part in the 9/11 attacks and is currently serving life in Guantanamo bay detention camp. The identity of the current "Pcpie" is unknown, but it's thought to be a fellow member of Al-Qaeda. His next map, bhop_blockworld2, was quite a bit longer than his first map. This map, also, was received well by the community, probably boosting his confidence.

Best known maps Edit

Pcpie is a name which almost every bhopper, from noob to pro, has heard of. This is because he has ported some very famous maps as well as being a very prolific creator of original maps.

For beginners he has made (among other maps); bhop_atom and bhop_skyscrapers. These maps are often played on public servers, making his name well known around newer players.

For more advanced bhoppers he has made quite a few challenging maps, including (among other maps): bhop_alvo and bhop_alvo2, he has also done a port of the infamous final_torture. These maps are notorious for their difficulty and length. (unless you're lapen)

Map list (in order of release) Edit

  • bhop_skyscrapers
  • bhop_blockword2 (defrag port)
  • bhop_finaltorture (defrag port)
  • bhop_cpm (defrag port)
  • bhop_bless (defrag port)
  • bhop_qportal (defrag port)
  • bhop_overline (projectrik port)
  • bhop_atom (defrag port)
  • bhop_greyshit
  • bhop_downdowndown
  • bhop_whiteshit
  • bhop_blueshit
  • bhop_upupup
  • bhop_greenshit
  • bhop_redshit
  • bhop_sdc (defrag port)
  • bhop_blackshit
  • bhop_cuteconrete
  • bhop_colorshit
  • bhop_lowg
  • bhop_tran
  • bhop_literally_a_corridor
  • bhop_egyptian_balls
  • bhop_skyruins
  • bhop_ny
  • bhop_pietorture
  • bhop_timescalehack
  • bhop_vlim
  • bhop_dom
  • bhop_pietorture2
  • bhop_shine
  • bhop_cbmadness
  • bhop_soi
  • bhop_doh
  • bhop_gravityfun
  • bhop_pietorture
  • bhop_alvo
  • bhop_fy
  • bhop_xof
  • bhop_24 (defrag port)
  • bhop_smudge
  • bhop_microwave
  • bhop_surf_qvo
  • bhop_strafepads
  • bhop_oxom
  • bhop_craton
  • bhop_randomshit
  • bhop_classicrainbowaux
  • bhop_kore
  • bhop_khufu
  • bhop_szaq2 (defrag port)
  • bhop_huar2 (defrag port)
  • bhop_kitum
  • bhop_serv
  • bhop_smally (defrag port)
  • bhop_huni
  • bhop_ripdream
  • bhop_nubia
  • bhop_flavum
  • bhop_another20secstrafemap
  • bhop_nona
  • bhop_icosa
  • bhop_pharox_fix
  • bhop_zygos
  • bhop_nux
  • bhop_alvo2
  • bhop_nila
  • bhop_lunti
  • bhop_epoch
  • bhop_dimensions (collaboration)
  • bhop_rippcpie
  • bhop_kvo
  • bhop_not_a_defrag_map
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