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Forest Jones, known most prominently as "Forest" since 2014, is a retired former bhopper and current intermittent livestreamer for Twitch.tv.

Forest was generally considered an upper tier bhopper in 2013-2014. He capitalized on the newly implemented checkpoint system at this time to practice and run longer maps, achieving some of the first runs with no fails on many different such maps. His records started appearing on the "faste hops" youtube channel, resulting in him being considered by many to be one of, if not the best autobhopper in late 2014-mid 2015.

Forest can be credited with a few now commonplace tricks/methods in bhop, such as crouching through clipbrushes into triggers and the 'duckspam' script, the use of private servers for running maps, and the common use of the command showtriggers_toggle for researching maps. Most importantly though was his ushering of bhop into a new standard: no fails in runs.

In mid 2015 he suffered from a shoulder injury that impaired his ability to bhop, and numerous other activities that require long periods of repetitive motion, mostly due to his overly tense arm while playing and unwillingness to address the pain it was resulting in.

How long he would have continued to hold his status as the best if he avoided injury is uncertain, but this uncertainty is his only lasting legacy, since as of 2019 all his runs have been surpassed.

He currently has his own Discord server, and livestreams mostly on his wife's Twitch account, playing games such as CS:GO, OW, Apex legends, BO3 and other various skill shooter titles and fps aim trainers (see his primary channel twitch.tv/forestbhop for that).