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cakespray isa bhopper from florida

he was active in 2011-2014 then quit because bhop is gay and a timewaster

he's really good at skyworld but doesn't play css anymore because it's gay and a timewaster and there are plenty of other games to invest time in but most bhoppers dont realize that because getting 0.01 seconds on a strafe map is more important to them

hes also a really good electronic musician and discographer


6:39 AM - extremelyhotguy1993: ur right ur not good at bhop idk what i was thinking

12:03 AM - bendy: how are u so bad

stewkiller19 : This is the worst stream i have ever seen

[Surf Timer] - You have been surfing for longer than an hour - Timer Cancelled

*SPEC* xili! : can you do dong gap remix from strafe? :D

7:12 PM - typhoon: forskin 7:12 PM - typhoon: xD