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Alvo is a long and hard map that consists of 6 stages gradually getting harder.

The whole map is done in an open space with floating blocks which resembles the infamous final_torture.


Stage 1

Stage 1 has a green-ish background and is probably the easiest of all stages. The hardest thing about the first stage is the 'reverse skate', afterwards you have to be able to keep your speed.

Stage 2

Stage 2 has a pitch black background, the stage starts off with a few easy jumps before becoming challenging. The player has to go up quite a few blocks which are 64 units apart in height, the player is required to apply the crouchjump technique to pass this part.

The most distinctive part about this stage are the giant super boosting ladders (which are in fact stairs made out of solid blocks). But the player should not face any difficulty passing these with enough patience.

Stage 3

Stage 3 has a grey background, most blocks have gaps in them but they are too small to fall through, the stage hardest part is keeping the speed up at the start. Speedrunners might have a difficulty with the crouched part, doing this with low speed, however, is every easy.

Stage 4

Stage 4 has a painful yellow background which is hard to look at after 2 dark stages. The stage starts off fairly easy and basically keeps at it that way. some players might have difficulty passing the weird floating buildings cause it might be hard to keep your speed. If the player gets to stage 4 there is a good chance that it will be passed with ease

Stage 5

Stage 5 has a light grey background. The stage is considerably harder than the previous stage. It is recommended to crouch as little as possible as most jumps are not possible to make in 1 shot once you uncrouch. The player also has to pass a series of appearing blocks that were not seen before, the fact that these jumps are fairly easy by themselves means that this is no real challenge though.

Stage 6

Stage 6 has an orange background, it is also the last stage before the end. This stage is by far the hardest, it starts off with the player getting boosted at high speed, like on stage 1 you have to skate, but this time you will be on top (which makes it a little easier). The width of the skate part is very small making it very difficult to stay on track, there is no way to do this part slow as you will need every bit of speed on the next few blocks which are very far apart. The stage ends with 2 surfs which are fairly easy if you managed to keep your speed throughout the stage.




CS-S - bhop alvo in 7-02 by Dream


Bhop alvo by Kronom


-CSS- Bhop- bhop alvo 7-53.819 (Normal) by Dream