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Jacob "Aimer" Amir is a bhopper who originates in CS:S.

He is widely considered one of the most progressive, and useful players in all of bhop, starting in 2008 under the alias "LONGMEAT", and developing each skill to its peak all throughout 2008-current.

In 2011-2012 Aimer began their ascent into bhop glory, and was a part of numerous clans, but always kept the same name.

Aimer is one of the few bhoppers to have started so early, yet continues to play to this day.

Aimer throughout 2011-2012 was known for his quick climb to one of the best scrollers of those years, and was quickly in the top ranks with players like matrix, nyastle, blacky and kucki.

Aimer used to struggle with his strafe skill in 2011-2014, but redeemed themselves in later years, now being a top strafer. He used to be what was known as a high sensitivity spam strafer, now he has more fluid, consistent strafes.

Aimer is generally considered to be one of the best strafers, and autobhop routers.

Tutorials & Contributions[]

Aimer has made a vast amount of contributions to the community, including a modernized take on Aoki's 2008 bhopping tutorial.