Acer is a bunnyhopper, occasional CS:GO player, and popular server owner within the community.

He has been playing actively since 2012 and launched his server in 2015, which has undergone many different changes since its original conception, but still retains the same idea of hosting every bhop/xc/kz map ever to be made available in the source engine.

Biography Edit

Acer first discovered Bunnyhopping in either 2012, or 2013 (disputed).

Acer originally played on a low price laptop that would give him 20fps on danmark on sercers like GFL, and was really bad but eventually bought a pretty decent PC in 2016, and continued to host his server on his new, upgraded hardware.

Acer, much like and mostly inspired by pretzel, has created an enormous amount of BSP files that are sometimes good and sometimes bad.

Some of his maps, along with pretzel's are kind of decent, as the two have collaborated together dozens of times to create many different ports from other KZ/Bhop related games to the Source engine.

These maps include:

  • bhop_oldstyle
  • bhop_themutiny
  • bhop_cd
  • bhop_assault_fix
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